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Mixcloud: Reggae in the LBC Radio Show


Black Lives Matter 

I started by thinking it’s inappropriate for me to speak, like the incomparability of black suffering at the hands of a violent racist state and society means that listening and learning and sharing the words and voices of Black people who know how it feels firsthand is the only thing of paramount importance rn.  And reposting is great, maybe, but I’m also realizing that this inherent lack of understanding of something we’ve never been through doesn’t necessarily exclude us from also using our voices and…

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Reggae, dancehall, and experimental R&B artist, Colin Devane has been mingling with music since before he was born. His parents met while dancing to Balkan folk music and carried their musical interests throughout his childhood, with his mom listening to jazz on the weekends and his dad, an amateur folk musician, regularly taking the whole family to music festivals.  It was at one of these festivals that he found his calling, telling his parents he wanted to become a trumpet player. Inspired by Louis Armstrong, he began to learn traditional jazz. For most of his early twenties, Colin stayed out of the music scene in pursuit of academics, traveling abroad, studying literature and learning languages. At 27, entranced by the jam scene in Long Beach and encouraged by local artists, the singer, songwriter, and producer came back to his origins, playing for the group “Via Leaves” as a singer/keyboardist as well as the house keyboardist for Fight Club LBC from its inception until 2018. 

Colin seeks to share more reggae, dancehall and dance music with Long Beach and other parts of SoCal.  He is the musical director for Reggae in the LBC (event every third Friday) as well as the host of their online radio show, and owns his own production house, "GYO Productions", which focuses on reggae, dancehall, and R&B.  He often performs as a duo called "Hipsway" alongside Via Leaves' drummer, Joose, and freelances with multiple reggae groups.  Colin is currently working on finishing up his new upcoming album to be released 2020.


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