A Cleansing Vision during the recent Pandemic

Whatever the cause of the recent pandemic: 

Natural occurrence 

Human conspiracy 

Power of God 

What do we have the power to do? 

Yes, we can address the potential natural causes by changing our consumption habits, and address the natural consequences by changing our hygiene habits. We can start to get off the meat, especially the factory farmed meat, where super bugs are being cultivated by disgusting conditions and the overuse of antibiotics; grow our own anything and everything we can, learn to produce, share, barter and trade locally, learn to shop in bulk and prepare our own plant-based food to reduce our carbon, plastic, and bacteriological/virological footprint through fewer grocery store trips, less petroleum- and water-heavy foods, less packaging, less unnecessary contact, and crucially less death and suffering.  If done right this can save both time and money.  And if you believe it was unaided nature who did this and it’s simply human government responding in its typical bumbling, myopic and imperfect way to what was a (human-mediated) natural occurrence, then get into government and render it more sane.  You can do that from your phone or computer, you can participate in our democracy in all kinds of ways. 

And what if it has its source in human conspiratorial causes?  Awareness and scrutiny of political activities and the top-down imposition of social changes is helpful, but what power does this give us?  If you’re in the right clubs or have the ears of a global leader under your influence, great, share your thoughts with them, I’m sure they’ll see the light and change their nefarious plans for world domination. Or if it’s China trying to crash the world economy and buy up all the assets?  Well you can support your local businesses in whatever way you can.  Buy up real estate and stocks so we own our country.  Or if it’s simply all too messed up for you, you can always exercise your power to opt-out of this society…flee to the hills and live by survivalist means for as long as you can.  I’m not really sure what all we can do about it if it’s the NWO’s plan to restructure global society and economy through controlled panic and false or real alien invasions, pandemics, chip implants, vaccines, a new totalizing digital currency, covering up crimes etc.  If you have ideas share them, preferably in code, in person or on the dark web, but not sure even that is safe from that kinda reach. 

If it is the 2nd coming, great, Babylon is done and if you living right you probably good.  Pray to your God, your ancestors or intercessors, accept Jesus Christ, get right with the source that you believe in, etc. 

But while we’re still here, the more pressing question is: what kind of society are we going to imagine emerging in its wake and begin creating now?  What kind of emotions, spiritual energy, are we going to choose to create in response to this?  We could choose to respond to each of those three options with fear and resignation or with gratitude and action. I believe in the power of prayer, manifestation, affirmation, because these options help program the super computer that is our mind, connect us with our source of creation, which is not the individual ego but is something much bigger; and yet our individual minds being programmed with a positive vision of the future, we’re more likely to share that vision with others through words and through our actions, the examples of our lives and lifestyles.  And the more people we have prayed up and manifesting a positive vision of the future, the better we can respond to each of those 3 potential causes, in different ways, as the in-between beings that we are, the beings that connect the natural and divine realms by means of the type of society we choose to create, the emotions we cultivate and the subsequent way we choose to treat each other.  There are powers greater than us, but, in how we relate to them and to each other, we can choose to make a heaven or a hell of this situation. 

So the Earth is cleansing itself, or God is cleansing the earth, or both. These greater powers can be seen as guiding lights which we can follow if we’re paying attention, so what are we going to do to cleanse ourselves? 

First, it seems we’re being asked to cleanse ourselves of unnecessary motion, of ‘inessential’ hustle and bustle.  We’re being forced to rest and manifest, but what, and for what? 

It seems we’re being thrust inwards, deeper into ourselves as well as into the global web, into our interconnectedness, into a more introspective, ecologically-friendly world (potentially, if we create it), where humans reflect on their problems and potentialities and develop better relations with our God or higher power, our loved ones and other fellow inhabitants of this earth (whom we help to survive and thrive, in a now more explicitly dependent and mutually-educational way), and crucially with ourselves, with our latent talents, which we now have the even more explicit self-responsibility to develop and extend if we so choose. 

This can be a new world where where food production and consumption happen in an increasingly safe way and at an increasingly local level, and the sharing economy booms.  Where we green our cities and render ourselves more independent from, and appreciative of, grocery stores, growing what we can wherever we can, on balconies and rooftops, in backyards and along city streets.   Where we can grow herbs, grow our own pharmacy, freeing our hospitals for those who really need them (Hospital are also where a lot of superbugs are being created).  This can become a world where, instead of mindlessly hoarding out of a fear of scarcity, we take responsibility to create abundance in all the ways we have available to us. 

This can become a world where work makes more sense with less commuting, less wasted time, gas, resources.  Where work from home is the new norm and we can save personal as well as petroleum energy.  A world where we undertake personal and collective efforts at retooling the economy and retraining the many who can learn other ways of making a living and who now must do so (if they don’t want to depend on a perpetual nanny-state government), and who must be helped in the process if we want to do this together, which is the way we’ll be collectively strongest.  Even if you don’t think you can help, and have lost all your jobs, you have something to give to society, that mindset is what’s going to help us. 

Commodity production, distribution and consumption can follow suit to become cleaner, as can the production, distribution and consumption of energy.  I’ve been enjoying the clearer skies, inspired by how quick nature can begin to reset itself, and would love to help keep em that way. 

Please help me continue to imagine this, please help yourselves continue to imagine this world above and beyond all the fear and uncertainty and frightening rhetoric out there.  We have in this moment the opportunity to create something different. I’ll continue to share the ways I see us able to encourage this into becoming a net positive, and please share with me and others how you imagine a better world during and after this, and share video this if you found it helpful.  Let’s create a collective picture of this better world. 

Sending out a prayer to all of those who watched this and beyond, that this helped you, that you’ll be even more able to help yourself, your loved ones and our collective situation by using a better form of thinking than many of us have been accustomed to.  Fear is natural in times of uncertainty, but we have an opportunity to create something better and beautiful out of this 

Stay up.

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